Argos being clever/crafty?

iv just picked up the latest catalogue and noticed that the monitors do not have there model numbers listed for instance Samsung SB2023W isnt listed just 'samsung 20" monitor'

havent seen the rest of the catalogue, so dont know if the same applies with other electricals or household products.

my opinion is that its real bad, how are we meant to compare products with other retailers if theer is no model numbers?

(or alternatively is this Argos being clever and stopping us comparing)


how long are Argos catalogues in circulation for? are they changed every 6 months? I'd imagine its to stop their products looking like the out of date model in 5 months time, a little crafty if you ask me

I had my eye on a dvd player from there that was out of stock. I copied and pasted the details to a notepad

Bush DVD2054DIVX DVD Player with DivX.

Kept checking the number to see if it was in stock, took a couple of weeks until it was, went and picked one up but now it's not a divx player, just a basic player. but they have left it as the same number (just removed divx from title) and also left all the reviews saying what a great divx player it is... Sneaky Bar Stards!

i thought they were going bust????

I was told that they have special models made just for them,they would have a number that would not appear anywhere else, perhaps thats why they don't quote the model no.?? Several stores get cheaper models made that still have the brand logo but don't get sold anywhere else.......years ago I was trying to replace an item with an insurance company and they told me about it.


i thought they were going bust????

No chance of that, just made a bit less money at christmas compared to last year. :thumbsup:
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