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Found 4th Dec 2014
The other day there was a 3 for 2 deal on here for children's bedding.

The deal seemed OK so I found some that were in stock and submitted an order - the total order was for £35.14. So approx £11.70 per bedding set.

I paid via paypal and the order total was £35.14.

I got an email from paypal to say I had submitted an order for £35.14 which said that my account would be charged when the merchant processes the payment.

I then got an email 1 minute later from argos which said that they had charged me £20.14 - I looked closer at the email and it said that 2 of the items were out stock. Next to them it says "the following items were not purchased".

I logged into my paypal account which then has a payment showing as £16.19. When I look at the details for this it says the original order was £35.14 but the total payment was £16.19.

There is still a pending transaction listed for £35.14 (but the details page does show the £16.19 payment)

I emailed Argos straight away as per the instructions on their order confirmation email to cancel the order.

I received an automated email reply giving me a number etc.

Today (4 working days later) I received an email saying that due to high volumes they haven't had chance to read my email yet! I also received a text message to say that my order will be delivered via Royal Mail in the next 7 working days.

I've emailed them again - but I'm guessing the product has already been sent?

Where do I stand, I followed there procedure perfectly but they haven't cancelled the order because they are too busy!

I ordered and paid for items that were in stock, yet instantly they were out of stock but the website still showed them as being in stock!

They say they have charged me £20.14 but have only taken £16.19 but are able to take whatever else they want up to the original order!

If I didn't know Argos were a big company I'd be asking if they were some dodgy backstreet online sales company! They seem very unprofessional.
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Argos refunds are rubbish when it comes to Paypal. I ordered 2 items totalling £35 and paid £10 with a voucher I had previously 'earned' from spending over £100. Because I returned one of the items (damaged breadbin that was £7.50), they only refunded £2.50 because they split the £10 voucher between the two purchases! If I could have been bothered, I'd have contacted their customer services - it seems they are ripping you off in a similar way.
take the item to your nearest store with your receipt and you will
be given a refund. I agree.. its more work for you and they should have cancelled the
Why after ordering a sofa for my daughter paid by me through PayPal theordr went through but on checking my PayPal account they say the payment was cancelled
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