Argos clearance on ebay

    Was looking at buying something from them, in the listing it says the item will be delivered by Argos themselves and that they will contact us for delivery times etc.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

    I'm sure I've bought from them before but it was over 2 years ago and I think it had a yellow label on ebay rather than the actual Argos one.



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    have bought a couple of things...was delivered by argos... had no probs … have bought a couple of things...was delivered by argos... had no probs at all

    Thank you hun, was more confused by the delivered by argos bit to be honest, so glad that someone else has had things delivered by them.

    Have clicked the like bit for ya but don't really know what that does lol.

    I presume its a large item, if so it will come on a Argos truck and they ring to arrange delivery

    Bought a game off them a while back, no probs. You are buying from Argos so it should be exactly the same as from buying their website really.

    bought stuff couple of times no problems

    I've also bought stuff with no problems.
    I think they like ring you and ask for a certain hour or something.
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    I bought a bed from them, they said delivery would on a certain date.
    They called the evening before saying it would be the morning and we would be the first call and they would be there for 7...they turned up the next morning at 6.30
    i was not too happy... they may start the day early..its a touch early for me to be dragging beds round the house.
    Sorry for hubby to be getting up and dragging beds,

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    Thanks everyone, makes me feel a little more confident at buying from them then, I didn't realise it was actually Argos though, I thought they had people sell on their behalf, think I'll buy what I was looking at now.
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