Argos Clearance/ebay - experiences and recommendations???

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Found 17th Mar 2010
having just seen a post on this and looking at the site on ebay I was wondering if anyone has experience of this - good or bad
Was looking at the acer d250 - price looks good but it it worth the saving with a refurb and argos clearance?


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I bought a toshiba laptop from Argos clearance last week, looks brand new. Its was 399.99 in catalogue, I paid 269.99 delivered very pleased with it.


I bought a toshiba laptop from Argos clearance last week, looks brand … I bought a toshiba laptop from Argos clearance last week, looks brand new. Its was 399.99 in catalogue, I paid 269.99 delivered very pleased with it.


The laptop was clean and unmarked and the screen was spotless.

So yes, I'd recommend them.


ordered the msi u130 deal, and recieved a u100, requested a return and they closed my case and told me to ring another number!


you can return if you dont like and comes with 12 month warranty.......i sent 1 back after developing fault after 3/4 months and was refunded in full within a week

to the poster that was told to ring another number that is correct as a seperate company deals with laptops and pc's........D&J henry they are very nice to deal with and extremely helpful

Also ordered the toshiba laptop from them, so far so good.

I keep trying to find out info from them on their MSI X610 (ViewItem&item=350321030834). Unlike the usual specs, it claims a Dual Core Neo processor, which would be much faster than the single core that is normal.

I keep emailing them but I just get an automatic reply. The first one said that I had to contact them again, and the last one said that I should check the manufacturer. Unfortunately MSI doesn't even give out general info for the X610 any more, and no one else on the internet is making the claim that the MSI X610 has a dual core processor - so they should just freaking tell me. Very annoying.

I appreciate that they don't want to be asked questions all day, that can be answered elsewhere - but it is perfectly valid to clarify specs when the specs they claim are probably wrong (but would be great if real). The MSI CR610 that they sell for example claims to have a "Turion Ultra 2 Dual core m300" but I don't think that exists, and its more likely an Athlon M300.

i live close to a one of these shops so often buy from there, i have had 4 electric things (fan, microwave,mp3 and phone) all needed returning as faulty, my friend has also had a couple of bad exp with electricals the shop is a nightmare for returns look at you as if your making it up and get managers to check it and you standing there ages so i only buy toys etc from there now, if the ebay shop is good for returns like the above said it is id defo say buy from them they do have good items for brilliant prices but if returns are a hastle i would avoid electrical items

I have bought a refurbished Zoostorm Freedomxl 2 days ago for £119.99+3.99 postage!
It arrived the following day by DHL 24hr. courier.
Absolutely perfect, brand new! (i am writing on it)
In the past I also bought a Russell and Hobbs kettle, and some Nike pro vents vests, same quality as above.
The site only sells new or what are classified as A1 refurbished items, which are fully working with no cosmetic or any other sort of damage apart from the box.
Should that not be the case, you have 12 month warranty and/or a full refund within a month or something like that.
It is true, should a laptop need returning they are using a specialised company which service their computers, and they are very serious and professional indeed.
I bought in the past an MSI U130 which I had to send back for BIOS problems, While there I asked them to fit an extra 1GB RAM for £30 which they did (all this collect and return from home with DHL at their expenses).
Unfortunately the U130 was not right, I returned the lot same method I got refunded everything single penny including initial postage and the RAM.
No, I don't work for them, just bagging the bargains when I see them lol..
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