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Found 14th Dec 2008
Was just hoping someone could help me out here....

I want to order the PS3 deal from Argos online and have it delivered to my place - but I've never ordered any deliveries before and have no idea how reliable they are to show up or how the items are packaged.
The reason I query the second point is that my partner will be here to take delivery and the PS3 is for him - so I don't want him to see/read on the label what the item is.

I can't have it delivered elsewhere as all friends in the area also work, so would have to pick it up otherwise.

I just wanted to take advantage of the free P&P and £10 discount - save time and money.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


It will say on the paperwork what it is and probably all over the box too

:)get it delivered to your work place

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It will say on the paperwork what it is and probably all over the box too

That's a hell no then!!! LOL!


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:)get it delivered to your work place

My work place is like fort knox! Doubt security would allow it through. Also worried that Argos may decline sending a PS3 to anywhere other than card holding address.
As I'm not sure about their reliability either - I guess it's a pick up this time!:?

Thanks for the feedback.

argos delivery is either poor, or very poor hehe - its never on time

Moved to misc as the feedback forum is for HUKD issues.

One of the worst is Dixons.

Ordered a 5.1 system as a gift and it came in it's original box with "5.1 surround" in giant letters with just a small address label stuck in the corner.

I recently ordered things from argos, it come in blue mailing bags with the address on the front and thats it and was delivered by Home Delivery Network.
I was worried as it was my kids xmas toys and they were home when they were delivered as they were ill, but nothing could be seen or read.

I ordered something on Friday, it was supposed to be delivered on Monday. It came before lunch time on Saturday. Argos will send goods in the packaging they arrive into their warehouse. If the outside box isnt very durable it will be put in a polythene bag with an address label.

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Such a mixed bag I think I'd best not risk it and just pick one up in-store. Thanks for all the advice.
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