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Posted 28th Oct 2008
Does anyone here work or has worked in argos? I have just got a job with them and start later today, although i'm not entirely sure what i can get away wearing. I've been told black shoes, black trousers which is fine and a plain top. Could anyone clarify the plain top bit? Does that mean completely plain top all one colour no logos? Any colours? etc..

Any help would be appreciated.
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I would go for a blue polo shirt since that what they wear.
Thanks Alfonse, i suppose after today i'll know what i can and cant wear. Just i don't have many clothes that are just plain!
Simple white shirt or something similar...they'll issue you with a uniform if you're working in store.
If it's HQ where I used to work...shirt is fine of any sort....short of Hawaiian of course!!
Good luck with your new job :thumbsup:
It is an instore xmas job, so don't think i'll get issued any uniform. I thought i'd have something plain but i've looked through my wardrobe and don't really have anything plain! Will just have to make do with what i've got for now.

Thanks DLM.
im sure they will issue you with a top :-)
they'll give you a top, surprised they haven't asked for your measurements already. they have t shirts sometimes too for promotions.
Cheers guys, most grateful for your help
if you are working out the back in the stockroom they will still issue you with a 'tshirt' they should have asked you for your size - in the meantime you can wear anything that is plain - black, grey, red, nothing flashy - cos dont forget you will still be going out to the front to put the stock on the shelves
Thanks people. Have just got back from my induction/training. They issued me with a t-shirt and a red polo shirt so thats cool. And everyone there seems really nice.
cool, have fun this xmas.
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