Argos - free Lego Christmas tree set (£4.99) with any Lego purchase - help needed as it seems fiddly!

Found 14th Dec 2017
Somebody with time and patience ...…04/

So go to the link and Argos are advertising 'free lego with any lego purchase'

I added to basket and got the discount, but then added some other items that I wanted then the discount disappeared and I was paying for the 'free' christmas tree!

I am usually good at sorting these things but cant get it to work - anyone?!?! There is a deal somewhere, its just playing up! I will move this to 'deals' when it works!
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Why is there a windmill on top of the tree
Segata-Sanshiro1 m ago

Why is there a windmill on top of the tree

It's a star! Anyway, did you try it, did it work?
I'm not buying lego, i was just wondering
I tried it all sorts of ways, but they aren't giving me the Christmas scene for free. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Same here can't even get it to work in the first place
Just tried it again now and still no joy..... so frustrating but great find @ellie27
This deal is working now!!
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