Argos have misleading campaings and sales!

Good deal and rated hot but Argos are ****ing me off as they are always saying stuff is reduced then they have a disclaimer saying that it was on sale previously for £x.xx. This x price is sometimes even cheaper than the sale price they are advertising! i.e.

Bush HD220RWN Silver Frost Free Fridge Freezer. 486/5887

* Save £40.00
* £209.99 See the Additional Information panel for the pricing footnote.
* was £249.99

* Please note item 4865887 has previously been on sale at £199.99.

In this case the price it was selling it for before the 'sale' was cheaper! So dishonest!!!!



Not really dishonest as it tells you it was previously cheaper!!

And you are saving £40 on the RRP so previous sale price shouldn't matter. Thats like saying Asda, Tesco etc are rip off as they sell games discounted on days of release then charge normal price after it.

If you don't like it shop elsewhere simples

Not " dishonest " but certainly misleading.

Argos " was " prices are a joke anyway.


Not " dishonest " but certainly misleading.[COLOR="Red"]Argos " was " … Not " dishonest " but certainly misleading.[COLOR="Red"]Argos " was " prices are a joke anyway.[/COLOR]

Not really, when you consider that the current catalogue came out in July (and was probably finalised in June). They almost always go with the RRP in the catalogues, as they have no idea how prices will fluctuate over the following 6 months.

its actually the opposite of dishonest.

the lower price is probably their last sale price, they havent got to reduce it by the same amount every time..
cant see a problem, other than it being slightly annoying you didnt bag one when the price was lower

whats really annoying with them is when they have a "free gift" with a purchase. 9 times out of 10 they're out of stock of the gift and give you a receipt to pick it up "when they come in" which of course they never do. i've had to threaten them with the sales of goods acts on numerous occasions over this, then they suddenly find stock somewhere
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