Found 3rd Jan 2008
I swore I'd never buy anything from this "company" again.

Anyway. I did.

I bought myself a bluetooth headset last week for £13, it was excluded from the 30 day money back guarentee.. anyway, it's broken now. I can't seem to find this god damned receipt. but its made by Opticom [an argos company, says so on the instructions] Do you think they'll take it back?

They can't exactly argue its not their product...


it doesnt matter if you dont have your receipt as you say this product is made by argos, and been as you brought it from them argos have to ensure the product sold conforms to its intended purpose brought for, so take it back explain its faulty and you want a replacement they have to give you, and not send it off to be repaired etc

Would have thought so. The 30 day exclusion hasn't got anything to do with your statutory rights.

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Yeah the woman told me it was excluded for bringing back for no reason, but I could if faulty. I brought a PS3"game back a few years back and they refused to swap it. So i was just wondering if they would this...

This item was only excluded from the 30 day garantee as it comes under their health and hygiene section " like earrings" every electrical item sold in the UK has a minimum of a 1 year manufactors garantee, so don't worry just take it back and ask for a replacement, as to not having a reciept, all ARGOS items have there number on the packaging ( assuming you haven't thrown it away )- therefore proving it was purchased from an Argos store - just smile nicely at them and apologise for being so careless and they should give you a replacement - If they still don't play ball start raising your voice - they don't like that in stores works every time, I know I used to work for them !!

Regards Mr B

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Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow.

You can also provide a bank/CC statement showing the transaction as proof of purchase.
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