Argos help needed

hi guys i bought a sat nav from argos 3 months as needed one for work i paid about £100 for it and its pretty naff and now its about £70 in there i still have the receipt is there any chance i can take it back and exchange it at all? since it never gets me to the right place anyway so surely isnt doing its job?


no chance since its 3 months ago since you bought it.

I don't think you'll have a problem. If it's under 30 days they offer a straight replacement or refund.. over 30 days but under a year they will try to repair and failing that a replacement and if they don't sell it anymore they will give you a refund.. just tell them it gets itself lost half way into a journey.. what have you got to lose?

tell them it dont speek chav lol

I think with something like a sat nav it'll be easier to return it 3 months down the line unlike a kettle because its not as if you use it every day. just say you've used it a handfull of times and each time it has let you down and you are really not happy. worth a shot

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cheers guys will give it a shot

Yeah, just say that it is not doing it's job properly, and keeps getting you lost, and you're not happy with it. Might be worth adding on that "there seems to be an intermittent problem with the signal" :thumbsup:
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