argos home delivery

    my sister in law ordered my daughters xmas and got argos to send us the items like shes done last year.

    it was suppost to arive monday so waited in all day monday nothing phone yesterday. and argos told me the address on the order was wrong the number for the block of flats was missing but the flat letter was there.

    So i got it changed and then i phoned today and got told the depo is stil holding the parcel.

    * i thought on argos website you cant get a delivery address with out a valid postcode and then you have choice of the address and the flat numbers where applicable?

    From what my mother in law said there was only one left of one of the items but i thoguht argos online you cant get enough detail to say there is one left in stock unless she did it over the phone. And thats maybe why argos havent delivered the items as they dont have it ?

    any one else had problems


    I had problems two weeks ago with argos not delivering when promised, I had to wait in 4 times to get one item and it did eventually come on the fourth time, Their excuse every time was that it was sent to the wrong depot!! Their customer service is awful!!!
    I also ordered another item and it arrived smashed! Had it replace three times, each one came in flimsy packaging and smashed gain, Eventually i took it back to a store as advised over the phone and they refused to swap it asit had been bought online, They really need to look at their customer service!!!!

    I have never had anyhing delivered from argos. because where i live the argos delivery driver is you can hear everything banging about in the van when he turns round the corner to fast.

    i had some furniture from them fairly recently and it never turned up on the day it was meant to..
    i made countless calls and it eventually turned up unannounced about 10 days late.
    it was never explained to me why it was late and no apology was given.
    their customer service is awful
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