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Found 7th Nov 2006
Stress time!
My digital camera isnt working this morning, was going to take it back and get a replacement, but ive just checked, and theres none in stock!

What will they do?
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They should let you choose another one to the same value or send yours back to the manufacturer for repair (I had a similar problem ) if it is within their 28 day refund policy you can get your cash back if you wish
Argos terms are if you return an item within the year period they will offer you a full refund or replacement like the one you have.

I did this with a dvd recorder i had, i took it back after 6 months and got my £99 back,

Whatever you do dont let them fob you off with a replacment if you just want your money back, they do this where i live and they dont offer you money until you ask for it back Swines !!!
:giggle: I actually just want a replacement, this time (unlike the car seats!)

But, ive put some new batterys in, and it seems to be fine, but i have noticed its doing this quite often, so im going to hold onto it, until they come back in stock them take it back, as its £9 more now
remember you can check and reserve this camera if you know of another Argos store near you, jst enter the postcode when your away to reserve the item and it will show you all the nearest Argos stores.
reserve it first then go to the store with your camera ans swap them over.
The 2nd nearest store to me (20 miles) has them in stock.
I havent got a clue where the argos is there though :giggle:
google map it lol

go here: ]http//ma…uk/ and type in the address like Argos dundee etc

then pick the pointer to where it is, 20 mile isnt that far
this is just if you want it quicker than waiting a while for stocl to come in

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