Argos - order now and collect Thursday 8th December (process)

Posted 3rd Dec 2022 (Posted 17 h, 50 m ago)
I want to buy an item from Argos. My nearest branch doesn't have it and I can't be bothered to travel around. It states order now and collect on Thursday 8th December. However, if i order it, can it come before Thursday depending on stock levels or do they normally have it in for Thursday?

I don't want to order it and wait for Thursday. I'd rather wait tomorrow and see if they've increased stock levels and ready to collect tomorrow
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    if you wait, it will probably say, order now - collect Friday
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    They know their own stock levels and delivery dates. If it says Thursday, the next delivery of that item to your store is Thursday.

    The only way it will come in sooner is if someone cancels or fails to collect a reservation for that item at your store. In which case it will then be made available for the next person.

    It would be best for you to get it ordered now in case others snap up that stock before it even makes it to the store next week.
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    Why not just order it not to collect on Thursday. Check again tomorrow and if it shows as being in stock (which to be frank is unlikely) then just order it again and cancel your original one, problem solved. But to be honest though it might be an item that your local branch doesn’t actually normally stock.

    But as the reply earlier said, Argos know their stock levels and delivery dates! If they say Thursday then yeah, it’s Thursday. (edited)
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    Sometimes it can be early but not always, they'll send you an email or text
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    Don't you pay when you pick it up? and you only get a certain amount of time to collect your order. Just order if and if you get one before just don't pick it up
    Nope. Since the start of 2020 They axed reserve and collect and moved fully over to fast track ordering. You now must pay upfront to reserve an item. Then it will be held for 7 Days (with the option to extend another 7 upon request)
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    You get a week from the date it was meant to be delivered to store, even if it’s delivered early.
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    Thursday. No point delaying the purchase to wait longer.
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    Orders normally came on the day the say ,but last month my orders was delayed due to the warehouse getting flooded .
    I would order now to make sure you get the item you want .
    Before anymore strikes happen Tesco's warehouse staff are going on strike on 8th Dec
    That was last year surely, nothing planned this year? Or do you have a link confirming that? Cheers
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    The delivery day isn't guaranteed. I have had orders that have turned up a day later after receiving their text advising me it was going to be in
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    So actually I ordered it from today as it updates and said it will be ready from 4pm today
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