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Argos pre order, When do they take the money, on order or dispatch?

Posted 30th Sep 2013
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    Anonymous User
    I think it'll be dispatch as if they take the money before hand and something happens, order get withdrawn or whatever its more hassle for them. I was wondering this with amazon and after research i found they take funds on dispatch so imagine their all the same
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    Its on order. I pre ordered payday 2 from them and they took the money straight away. They cancelled without telling me and it took ages to get the money back.
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    Anonymous User
    Soon as you order, just ordered a game.
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    Anonymous User
    Online it's immediate but instore is different, depending on what you want, example:

    PS4 is £20 deposit over the counter instore but online it's full payment.
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    Thanks guys!!!!
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    Ordered Hogwarts Legacy and was charged straight away.
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