ARGOS: Recall - Animal Tracking Explorer Kit catalogue number 076/3976

Found 1st Nov 2009
Ok........ so the more honest of you will have bought the 'Animal Tracking' kit from argos previously, but that contained lots of nasties in their plaster mix, so what they are saying is to flush the lot and email them for a replacement.

I know i will be using it with my previously purchased animal tracker kit and not to rejuvenate my old paddington bear moulds.

Here is the official recall notice:

Important safety notice - Product safety warning
Animal Tracking Explorer Kit catalogue number 076/3976
We have become aware that this product contains Calcium Hydroxide, (instead of Plaster of Paris which should have been supplied) Calcium Hydroxide is potentially harmful, in that it is an irritant and cause burns to the skin and eyes.

If you have one of these kits please dispose of any of the remaining material in the bag marked Plaster of Paris, or any casts made from these kits in the main household refuse.

Please take care to avoid skin contact; any accidental contact should be washed thoroughly with soap and water.

The supplier (Interplay UK Ltd) will supply replacement Plaster of Paris to consumers free of charge, please contact them on 01628 478222 or email: or write to them at PoP Interplay UK Ltd, Unit D, Meter House, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, SL17 1LW.

No other interplay or Argos product is affected by this recall.

We wish to thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience
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It's a product recall notice. I'd guess that proof of purchase might be required, even if the actual product is not returned ?
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