Argos return for refund question

Posted 1st Dec
Hi guys,

I have purchased a a monitor from Argos which I picked up today.

I have set it up and it has some proper backlight bleed and I would like to simply return it for a refund.

I have paid half with love2shop gift card and other half with debit card - will I still get my refund okay without any issues?
1. Will they accept the product back (in original retail packaging)
2. Will they refund love2shop gift card

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With regards to accepting the return of the monitor; if there is a genuine issue with it, I don't see why they won't accept a return. Argos are quite good about these things.

But I doubt they will be able to return the gift card. They'll probably give you an Argos gift card for that amount and refund the rest onto the debit card.
Argos is one of the easiest places to return things.
Used to work retail and love2shop there is no physical way to refund the money. I would imagine you’d get part back as an Argos gift card.
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