Argos Return with no receipt?

Found 18th Mar
As the title says, however the box does have the Argos catalogue number sticker on it. I would only expect a gift voucher.

It's faulty and was only £20. It's a kids toy.

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bank statement will do
I did it a few years ago with an item, no receipt, just the catalogue number sticker, got a cash refund for it too. They may have changed their policy since then, but worth a shot.
Friend worked at Argos as a manager until last year. Catalogue number on box is not valid anymore due to large amounts of fraud. Bank statement or credit/store card statement would be your best bet unless you paid by cash. Hope this helps!
I know they ask if you want the receipt emailed to you when you pay... That way you always have your proof of purchase.

It's worth remembering for the next time.

I suggest you do what scottz17 and jamstaruk1972 said. Good luck
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I did it recently with bank info of date it was bought and catalogue number. It took them a while but they found the transaction on the system and refunded
All you do is walk in store. Approach customer services and say: -

Hi, not sure if you can help or not. We bought this about x months ago. It’s gone faulty but we have no idea where the receipt is. Any chance you system can show when I bought it? Only looking to get a replacement. I think this is the item number on the box.

Make sure you play all meek and apologetic. A nice customer will always in good will more than an aggressive one.

Don’t demand your rights, in this case you have none. Also by not asking for a refund you are less likely to be viewed as a chancer. Also if they then say they can help bid they can’t give a replacement, they are more likely to give a credit but at current selling price. Which is fair as you’d have use out an item.
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