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I bought a tv last year from argos and it just wont turn on has anybody else taken things back to argos r they ok about it…htm might put 200 quid n get that?????



is it within the 12 months..if it can return it..they might want … is it within the 12 months..if it can return it..they might want to repair it.........but if you stick to your guns they usually just give you a replacement...had the same problem with a lcd tv :thumbsup:

It depends on the item - I think argos are more and more sending people away and telling them to contact the manufacturer. However if you had carried it there and if you kick up a fuss they will (reluctantly) send it away for repair from their store

i took at tv back to argos got offered a replacement or refund with no questions asked.
it was just over a year old as well

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yes i still have my receipt

i am sure you are entitled to a refund as the item is faulty and under a year, credit note or replacement, argos are good at sorting out returns so they keep you happy,

Argos are great for giving refunds etc, I've took loads of things back in the past and they've never quibbled it.

They usually accept stuff back but friends & family have met a few customer service employees with bad attitudes who flat out refuse to listen to them - just go over their heads and ask to speak to a manager, you shouldn't get many problems.

We've never had a problem taking things back to argos they always really good!

I would read up on the which website regarding the "Sales of Goods Act" as the retailers responsibility doesnt end at the expiry of the 12 months guarantee. How well you do will depend on how well you do your research and stand your ground firm etc.

Argos can be fussy in my experience.

If you have your receipt then great, but if not, try getting other proof of purchase ie cq stubb/bank statement.

Also, it may be worthwhile checking the guarantee / repair with the manufacturor as they sometimes cover for longer than 12 months but dont widley advertise it. This is worth a phonecall. If the number is a premium rate, try looking up [url][/url] for a cheaper alternative.

Good luck.

I had a problem with a kids bed. It was 5 days out of the 1 year guarantee. I called Argos Customer services, said there was nothing I could do.

I then wrote a letter to Sara Weller (MD Argos) and the nxt day they called us and are replacing the bed (well we had to get another one as they dont sell the same one).
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