Argos ripoff or Nikon ripoff?

Found 25th Jan 2010
Okay, so I've been saving nectar points for a Nikon SB-400 flashgun at Agros.
It's been in the catalogue for months at just under £98.
I new the price would go up to about £100 with VAT returning to 17.5%, but on checking the new catalogue I see it has gone up to £139.99!
That's an increase of nearly 43%!
Does anybody know of any huge Nikon price rises or is Agros just trying to rip off the public?
Or is this an attempt to increase the price for a few weeks so that they can con everybody by claiming a huge reduction in a few weeks time?
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Looks like it's Argos - Camerabox are still selling for £95 incl delivery: camerabox.co.uk/pro…498
Unfortunately I can't spend my Nectar points there!
Either that or the wholesale price for new stock has gone up - what with the exchange rate and all.
i would contact argos and explain the situation to them. my friend done this last time a new catalogue came out and a camera he had his eye on was £80 dearer. He spoke to one of the general managers and they were really helpful and give him a voucher for at least the £80 (think i remember them giving him a wee bit extra). hope this helps
It isn't a " rip - off " by anyone, they can charge whatever they like, you are not forced to buy from them.
you tried to be cheap and wait for it to drop and got owned.

dont complain

you tried to be cheap and wait for it to drop and got owned.dont complain

No I didn't - I was waiting to have enough vouchers to be able to afford it. I wasn't waiting for it to drop. Read the original post! :prop:

It's a bit rich calling people cheap when you are posting on a bargain forum ... :thinking:
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