Argos Roary 3 for 2

Hi where is the Argos 3 for 2 on Roary the racing car gone?


Thats what im looking for, been to Argos with my reservation number and it came up at £51 for the items so it was the normal full price.
Was'nt a happy chappy.
Just walked out, those itms would have completed my Christmas shopping for this year. Gutted.
Going to try a different avenue tomoroow, reserved them again.
Heres hoping.

Was that the self serve or manned?? I have some reserved, not sure if I should bother or not now??

Reserved mine which showed with discount online, went to collect at kiosk but offer didnt come off, tried at a manned till but the offer didnt come off there either, she said she would override so the cheapest item would come off as a 3 for 2 but obviously not the answer I hoped for :oops:

Needless to say left all 3

probably only an online glitch.

It "Expired" for some reason.
Very few people had any luck with it - see here:…e=3

Reserved mine online this afternoon, showed most expensive free. Went to collect in store, but came up at full price (no 3 for 2), Tried both the automatic payment and at the till - no luck with either!! :x

i spent over 50 got roary tool box free free del and £5 off ...xmasdiscount if u spend over 50 and EFD10 for free del worked for me .. also ive noticed with the glitches if u buy a few cheap normal items they dont cancel

Def. expired now as not available for home delivery and can't be reserved either......

Original Poster

I done exactly that reserved online went in store used self serve and charged the £51.

I ordered 3 Roary Items in Friday evening online. Printed it out. It showed the Big Race Track at 0.00 and the other two items at full price. Think it came to something like £21.00. Reserved it and went to collect it. I went to the quick pay kiosk first this showed full price. So I just went to customer services showed them the print out and they appologised and said the tills dont always get it right. She then placed the order on her till and just changed the prices to what the reservation email stated. Bargain.!! My son loves the race track

mine worked fine... went straight to the till and when they said the total came to 50 odd quid, I kicked off and they managed to rectify it without a problem. Bargain!
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