Posted 30th Nov 2021
Anyone know what this message is on my Argos order details means?

"Sit tight - we're processing your order which will be ready to collect between Sunday 28th November at 9:45pm and the store-closing time on Sunday 12th December"

They've taken the money for the TV but I haven't had a confirmation email or collection email.

Does this mean the item is ready or not for pickup?

Getting through to Argos CS is impossible!
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They want to you to cross your legs and clench your butt cheeks
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    They want to you to cross your legs and clench your butt cheeks
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    Must mean they're awaiting stock whether that's new or transfer from another store. That's just a guess by the way.
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    you will need to go the store to see if it has arrived. it may be stuck in their system and it is already at the store but the store has not got round to telling you that they have it already for you to collect.

    i have had this before where the store has not generated the ready for collection email or text but the item is there to be collected. if you turn up at the store, they will be able to look into it for you if it has gone missing.
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    "Does this mean the item is ready or not for pickup?"

    Your item will be ready for pickup when you receive a text or email telling you it's ready for pickup. If you haven't had that then I think it's pretty safe to assume that it is not ready to collect yet.
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    Sounds like it being sent from another store/warehouse that has stock…as soon as it’s in the store you choose for click and collect…you will receive a text to go pick it up….Argos always take the money when you order online before you get the items but nothing to worry about as it’s just how they operate!
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    As explained above they are probably waiting for the item to arrive from another store. I had the exact same message this morning about my order then this evening I got an email saying the order is ready to collect. Hopefully your order is ready soon
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    Thanks all. Very helpful. Hopefully I'll hear later this week but I will be travelling by the store on Saturday so will pop in to check then. It was a really good deal so I have my fingers crossed.
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    I believe they have live chat available during their opening hours so it might be well worth contacting them so you don’t have a wasted journey;)
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