argos site - having trouble with page loading - anyone else?

I seem to consistantly have this problem with the argos website, when i try to go on early in the morning (before the kids get up and take over my laptop!) does anyone else have this problem?


i just tried it, working fine for me

Seems to be ok for me too.

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thanks guys will try disconnecting n re-connecting then!!!!

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bizarre - i was using my 3 dongle and argos wasn't loading, swapped it and used my phone to hook up (3 again) and it works fine - wierd of what?!!!!!

fine here

The Argos site can be problematic this time of year - like HUKD it sometimes gets real slow until ..........well ...... nothing!


when trying to apply code i got a blank page !


i rang have to place the order without loging on with your account!
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