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Found 20th Oct 2007
To anyone planning on using the vouchers trick, Argos have discovered what people have been doing and now are getting defensive about giving out the vouchers.

I went this morning to get a PS3 and was refused the vouchers and was told that what I was doing was fraud (!) and she had been told by head office that morning not to give out the vouchers to people buying vouchers. So I asked her to contact customer services to clarify this as the offer did not state that you couldn't do this. She phoned and was told that it would be allowed if it was put through as individual transactions of £50 each and payment was by cash or debit card.

I think argos are going to amend this offer -as stated in the T&C - to refuse the extra vouchers for those people buying vouchers, so people might want to take advantage of the offer quick.

I got a PS3, 3 games + fifa 08 and an extra controller for £359.94 - Bargain.


I got mine today, I dont see why they have a problem. Surely last time this was on people where doing the same, and they must of realised this. If they have chosen not to change their terms and conditions to include this then they cant blame people for taking advantage of it.

And from what you say, if they will allow this on £50 only transactions then whats the problem, its exactly the same as buying £100?

I got mine this morning without a problem, it was only on re-spending them that I had to remind the woman to give them me again. Ive now got my £30 to spend how I see fit.

I think the number of people who bother to do this are small. I like saving money but couldn't be bothered - for the hardcore only.

If they have a problem they need to make the T&Cs explicit.

looking 2 buy argos vouchers regular plea !!
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