Argos vouchers on ebay question.

Found 14th Mar 2011
Two questions that I need your help with..

What protection do I get buying Argos vouchers off ebay?

Can I use them if buying online for an item that is delivery only?

Cheers for any help.
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no protection.
I'm sure I read about a Month ago they don't cover you for any Vouchers,but can't seem to find the link.
found this on ebay, whats not included in ebay buyer protection.

anything that’s equivalent to cash (including retail gift cards);

many people taking big risks then with £100+ vouchers being sold.
Yes it's a gamble,but you could change setting to Nearest & maybe find someone who's only 5 mins away & collect.
If you're careful and look into their feedback and history and the seller hasn't sold 50 with stock photos then you can buy some vouchers safely.

Although,most go for near face value anyway it seems,so not worth the hassle.

My OH has sold vouchers before and we ain't dodgy,there are some honest sellers out there
Ive had loads of problem buying vouchers from ebay, never again!
I sold a £500 Voucher & had no probs,but I don't think I would buy one unless I could collect.
buy topman vouchers, youre protected if you buy them!
i don't think you can use the vouchers can go instore ,paid using the voucher and they will sort out the delivery bit...... did this before when i ordered one of their delivery only camera.
I have a thread on here, recently lost £167.05 being a £200 argos voucher. Small claims court letter sent out today

Buy at your own risk
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