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    I've just received a watch I'd ordered from Argos for Home Delivery. It's a Citizen branded watch. While inspecting the watch I noticed the product code sticker attached to the back of the face. It's a small white sticker with the code hand written. Is this normal for Argos, do they do this for all watches? Whenever I have bought a watch elsewhere, the the face and the back have had a clear plastic protective coverings, but this didn't have one. Is it also normal for Argos to not include an invoice in the packaging? And how long does it usually take for them to email the gift card code? I ordered on Saturday evening. Cheers


    no invoice just a returns label inside the packaging , the address label is the receipt, and the voucher is included in your conformation email a few mins after ordering

    cant help with the label
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    Having a sticker with the code on on the watch I would presume its been on display.

    Previous sold and returned under their 30 day returns policy.


    Previous sold and returned under their 30 day returns policy.

    . i agree with thus answer

    Yep, they've thrown you a used/returned item.

    This is a big drawback with buying from Argos online. In store its easy enough to check if the packaging has been disturbed and if it is i ask for another.

    I do not like paying for new and getting something that could have been used for a month. I know its only a month or less but new is new. In the case of watches, it could have been sold six months ago and returned after a couple of weeks. The crown cap tag has been removed so the battery has been ticking away for six months which wouldn't happen on a 'new one'.
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    argos only sell the older versions of citizen.
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