Aria - they seem to be diversifying lol

    Just having my usual check on aria, and have found a…ls/ new section i'd not seen before :shock:

    I have no idea how some of these items will be compatible with PC's to be honest, in fact, the items couldn't be more polarised with the normal products an aria geek might buy ;-)


    [SIZE=2] Very good, I had to laugh when I thought of what the 'hands free' kit could of been!!![/SIZE]

    Hee hee. It looks like stuff to buy for a girlfriend so she doesn't get all annoyed when the geek receives a few hundred quid's worth of electronics...!

    G Eek It's mostly pink things lol

    If I bought this for my O/H she would say 'It looks like you' :cry:

    What what what is going on in that picture dinosteveus!?


    What what what is going on in that picture dinosteveus!?

    Hehehehehehe :oops:

    CUDDLE CHIMP is the lovable, huggable baby chimpanzee that just adores being cuddled! He can reach out to give you a hug and loves to clap his hands when he’s happy.

    Watch his facial expressions change and listen to him make realistic baby chimp sounds. Pet the soft fur on his back while you’re cuddling him and be sure to “feed” him his banana bottle when he gets hungry!

    Electronic interactive chimp really hugs you!
    Watch him clap his hands and feed on his bottle!
    He even giggles when you tickle him in the right place!
    Chimp comes with special adoption certificate and banana bottle.
    Requires 3 “C” batteries (not included)

    Can you get Aria on Quidco?
    I've been chatting to Lucy on the Aria Forum trying to get a voucher/Discount for HUKD members. It's hard work but we'll see. After all, we post nearly all of their deals and Rush Hour items on here.

    I hope you don't mind
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