Ariel install

    Does anyone have emus number ?
    As I need an ariel fitting on my roof ...



    I'll come and lob one of these on your roof for tree fiddy...
    Edited by: "tomwatts" 6th Jun 2011

    the one from the little mermaid, or the washing powder?

    Original Poster

    From the pink windmill

    Should have the cleanest roof in your street.

    you could try calling Rod fro Emu's number

    It's like we're back in the 90's again! (don't think anyone got the reference sparky!)

    sticking with the theme -
    Nobody go to Russia cos Chernobyl fall out.

    Original Poster

    Think I better get cable then as I can't get
    Hold of either rod or emu .....
    Wonder if grotbags would do it for cash ?
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