Found 13th Nov 2007
we have an old digital ariel that was from our last house and now we have moved we want freeview in the bedrooms,how would we get freeview in 4 rooms of one ariel?does 1 cable run into the house then something is needed to make cable run into each room?:?


You need a booster with 4 outputs. You get them in Argos. You should go from the aerial to the booster in the loft, then down to each room. You need a Freeview decoder for each room either separate or built into the telly.

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great thanks very much!!!have got the freeview already!also is there a way of having sky upstairs without paying 4 the multiroom?

If you want to do this don't connect the aerial to the booster in the loft. Take it direct to the Skybox . The skybox has 2 outputs. One goes to the telly as normal. Run the second output back up to the loft as the input of the booster. Then run the outputs from the booster to the other rooms. This way you can watch Sky in the other rooms, but all the same Sky channel.

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great,thanks alot 4 help,but is there any way of having sky in just 1 room upstairs and freeview in the others?
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