Arm bands for toddler

Found 24th Nov 2010
Hello you lovely people

I am looking for somewhere that sells swimming armbands at this time of year...cheap ones if poss as we are going on holiday this Sunday with our 2year old but its only for 4 days. Someone suggested poundland but when I asked, the lady looked abit surprised and said 'not at this time of year'...

Thanking you in advance x
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your local swimming pool, but they wont be cheap, maybe ask a friend to borrow some.
im pretty sure our poundworld/land whatever has them all year..
or local charity shop as thats where i just handed two pairs over...
thank you both, i hadn't thought of the local swimming pool (will go as last resort)

plumber...you wouldn't be from Leicester would you by any chance?
Sports shops may sell them JJB, Sports Direct etc. Would imagine the supermarkets do as well.



Edited by: "greg_68" 24th Nov 2010
no not from leicester. warrington...but i have had a few pairs hanging around and finally got rid of them-i am surprised so-on has got any to spare..why dont u put a wanted?
thank you all, think i'll nip to argos so i can get it over with!

thanks again, have a good evening x
My mates have some, will pm u their mobile number. I saw them for sale on their car boot stall on saturday and know they are doing one this week too!
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