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Found 2nd Dec 2006
Got a small sample of this the other day in a magazine and it is absolutely gorgeous! It's a mens fragrance FYI. Seems a tad expensive out in the shops so was wondering if anyone knew anywhere selling it a little cheaper?
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it is a *really* nice fragrance. i bought it (new, cellophane sealed) from fleabay, 50ml for little over £15

just be careful because to coincide with the release of code for women, armani renamed it Code (instead of black code) although it's the same thing,,, so wherever you buy it from, make sure ur getting code, not black code so you know it's not an old bottle that's been sitting around for months
So Theres Just A Difference In The Name
Can I Ask Which Seller U Got It From And Was It Original??

It's £29.95 excluding delivery for 50ml eau de toilette spray + 5% Quidco
Cheers Thats Helpful!
blackcode and code are the same fragrance but the code is the new name for it. i was just suggesting that get one that says code simple cos it'll be newer and fragrances can deteriorate with time so you'd be getting the best possible product. the cheapsmells link shows a code bottle but says black code...

i'll dig up my ebay history and find the buyer for you...
the seller was stow726 but he's not selling anything at the mo. but, having had a quick look at his ebay history he sells *a lot* of perfume so it may be worth sending him a quick message to see if he can get some in for you, it seems like its his business.
and to answer your earlier question, yes it was 100% genuine. tbh its quite hard to 'fake' a perfume just make sure:
* its a uk seller
* the fragrance is boxed
* the seller has a good history and rep
* there are pics available, the pics are not generic googled images and if in doubt contact the seller and ask for an 'alternative view' of the box (say for eg you want to confirm the volume)
* as always if it's too good to be true, it probably is
paperclip thank you so much mate appreciate that i js emailed the geezer so see what he says!

much helpful tho appreciate it if not il wait maybe get it of boots or something!

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