Armoured Tank FV 432 MK 2 £4,500.00

    Nice little tank and great value too. Rolls royce engine!!!
    Ideal present for the kids etc ....
    Sadly no quidco but 20 available, so should'nt be any phoning round branches like those sainsburys, currys, tesco deals..…htm


    Used to drive these…htm
    In NI during the troubles.

    Someone inform Camilla

    I hear David Cameron has just ordered one !

    Quite fancy one of those, would be handy for revenge when one of the numpties leaves a ding in my car at the supermarket without leaving a note, I could more than return the favour in one of those.

    Cold .Plus 20% Vat
    Plus Dont deliver to NI !

    Excellent price. much cheaper than buying a new car or a second hand bullet proof vehicle.

    these would keep going in the snow
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