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    I was just wondering if anyone had a code for the extra weapon in army of two that i can use?




    whatcha mean code for the extra weapon?

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    people who preordered the game got a code that gets u an extre weapon!

    Really, I preordered the game and didnt get anything.

    I know there is a code on Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to unlock weapons

    No codes as such, but if you complete the game on all difficulties then you will unlock all the weapons apparently.…tml

    P.S. Is it any good? Going to get it tomorrow hopefully.

    Its pretty good,
    I would recommended two player, single player isnt as good

    Cheers, the two player is the reason why I'm after getting it. I played through Kane and Lynch on co-op and found it much more fun than i'd expected it to be. Don't buy the LOST game btw. Completed it 100% the first time through, everything completed in less than 5 hours. I'm going to take it to Blockbuster tomorrow as apparently it only costs a tenner to trade it for Army of Two.

    Gamestop in yankieland were doing preorder codes. They are unique though and it checks them off on the EA server via live and the code cannot be used again.
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