Found 25th Apr 2010
Has anyone dealt with Arnold Clark motors not garage specific just in general I was thinking of doing a part x with them I have never used them before are they any good cheers

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Ive heard loads and loads of bad reports on AC


Ive heard loads and loads of bad reports on AC





My neighbour had a terrible experience with them re. a trade in. She had to get a solicitor involved to get it resolved and thats personally put me off from ever using them - her story was even in our local rag.

Good old uncle Arnold :thumbsup:

I've used them twice in the past with problems each time. I've also had a bargain from them I sold on at a profit a year later.

They're not known as Arnold Shark for no reason. Avoid.

Got a good deal with Arnold Clark here and haggled to get a low interest rate for taking my car out over financing.

Remember, they sell hundreds and hundreds of cars every day, but you can search the itnernet and find complaint.

the only thing i would stay clear with them is dont take their servicing deals and gap insurance crap. Not worth it.

Never had problems with the 3 cars we've had from them. The first one had previously (pretty obviously once looked over) been in a collision, but other than that 5* service which I would recommend.

We bought a zafira from them,brand new 55 plate.
Had a T reg astra for px,they offered a really low price initially,after 5 hours,we came away with the new shape zafira clubA/C,for 11 grand(cash) and the astra.
Don't know if this was a good deal,but we were happy.
Just my experience,glad to share it with you,hope it helps.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible, horrible company. I've never known one person to have a good thing to say about Arnold Clark once they have signed the paperwork and received the keys. After that point it all goes downhill fast.

Bear in mind a large amount of Arnold's cars are ex rental / lease cars and you know how they are treated by their drivers. Avoid!
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