Around 50 pounds Nokia must be unlocked

    I am looking for a brand new nokia around the 50 pound mark. Either it needs to be unlocked, or unlockable with the total cost not going over 50 [pounds.

    I was about getting a nokia 5000 on t mobile but i don't know if i can unlock that. Anyone unlocked it at a shop?


    i have a silver nokia n70 unlocked.

    Nokia 6300 with Memort card, and Charger?

    You might want to check this out, not a nokia, but has very nokia-y menus etc


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    Sorry chaps buti am looking for a brand new phone:$ . Thanks for the offers though.:)

    if you are still looking for a nokia phone i have a Nokia 5000 but i think its locked on o2, any local shop will unlock this for you for £5, i only have the phone and charger, but the case is unmarked and still has the screen sticker on it, let me know, i was looking for £35, but if you want me to get it unlocked then its £40
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