Arranging a courier to pick a fairly large heavy pacel(annex for awning), how is the best way

    I know people ask questions like these all the time so im sorry if people are annoyed but i dont need to arrange couriers on aa regular basis so i dont know cheapest prices and how to go about it.

    I asked someone off ebay if they would consider a buy it now and could i have it posted as says collection only. It is an Tall annex for an awning(not an awning)
    They have said fine but i have to arrange courier. When i look on site or two thy all need dimensions and weight but he says he cant really weigh the things.

    Any ideas i would be grateful as i have a screaming 6 month old baby and im getting rather stressed and fed up

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    Post the ebay item no or a decent description of the item and you'll get a little more assistance.

    Plenty of cheap couriers listed on ebay, but you'll require measurements/weight. Some items are not permitted to be sent either.

    Post back.
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