Arrgghh!! Help needed with choice of LCD TV...

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Found 20th Aug 2007
Summit seems to be up with our CRT telly, so stepping out into the field of LCD TV's, i'm finding the research a bit of a minefield.
Minimum requirements are...
32" screen
HD ready
up to around 600 mark?

Our viewing distance from the telly is about 2-4 metres, easy access required for Ps connection, silver surround would be nice (as would a sleep timer)
I have found ...
sony bravia kdl32u2000u (489.00 @ amazon), Sony bravia kdl32s2510u (519.00 @ amazon), samsung le32r87bdx/xeu (478.99 @ ebuyer), samsung le32r74bdx (499.99 @ play), panasonic viera tx32lmd70 (499.99 @ play), sharp aquos lc32sd1e (599.99 @ play)
Pleeeeeese can anyone give any pointers to which one would be best from experience / setup / feedback etc... Thanks


Take a look at AV Forums, detailed info / feedback on almost all LCD TV's on there.

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Thanks for your feedback Inactive - sorry to be thick, but what is an AV Forum?:oops:

UK's biggest and best home cinema discussion forums and audio visual home consumer electronics resource.


Thanks for your feedback Inactive - sorry to be thick, but what is an AV … Thanks for your feedback Inactive - sorry to be thick, but what is an AV Forum?:oops:

Sorry I should have provided a link, but typing AV Forum in to Google comes up straight away.;-)

Audio visual. The stuff that comes out of your telly.

jelli, from the names you have mentioned, you shouldn't go far wrong if you stick with the major brands like Sony, Panasonic.

Samsung and Sharp are ok but aren't in the same league as the above brands.

I'd take a look at what Phillips and Toshiba are offering too!

I also strongly recommend reading unbiased, independent reviews from 'What Hi If Sound & Vision' and other reputable mags. It's always good to find out the very best model you can buy within your buget.

It really is false economy when peeps buy on price alone. Specs should only be used as a guide and do not guarantee good results. If you care about quality, avoid the cheap unknown brands, commonly found here on HUKD.

I couldn't agree more with retropolis' comms above: you really will get what you pay for, buy on the cheap and you'll be kicking yourself until it breaks and you can replace it!
I know you've stated 32", as you're replacing a CRT, have you thought of going even larger? - You may be surprised at how little space a flat screen actually takes up. When we replaced our CRT, we thought jumping up to 37" would probably be too much, but once we'd gotten it, we soon realised a 42" would have easily fit in it's place. (Thankfully/unfortunately the 37" developed a fault and we then upgraded to a 42"!!!!)
Personally, I much prefer plasmas as the screen size increases - not sure about LCDs on 32" and below, TBH i've not really looked into it before.

Anyway, back to the point - I'd think about the following on your new set:

* Connectivity - you can never have too many sockets!
* Contrast ratio - the higher the better - (although arbitrary, mine's 10,000:1!!) - The higher the ratio the better the picture is displayed
* Response time - the faster the better - ensure the screen can cope with fast moving images without 'blocking up'
* HD Ready - If you're going to use it with a HD source, will you be wanting full HD compatability? 720p,1080i,1080p etc etc
* Built-in Freeview tuner - your new set will probably see you through the analogue switch off, so will you need a freeview tuner?

That's just a few pointers, but I can't stress enough that image quality should take precidence over price - an extra £100 - £200 today may be a pinch, but will be well worth it over the life of the screen - just think - you've got to look at it everyday for the next 5 - 10 years!!!

Just to add to the above, especially if you don't want to connect your TV to an external sound source, is sound quality, something many of us forget, no point in having a great picture if the sound quality isn't up to it.

I think AV forums is a great place to start researching but just be careful not to get carried away with all the posts reporting minute faults as many of the people on there are total perfectionists :roll:

It all depends on what your gonna be using it in the future.

I have both high end and "cheap" 32" LCDs. The Toshiba is excellent in nearly every way (freeview, xbox 360, DVD) but i bought a hanspree JT01 for half the price and ok the freeview picture may not be as good but with the x box 360 and DVD i would be hard pushed to tell the difference.

It kinda comes down to how much you wanna spend. In my opinion when it comes to LCD's expensive is not always better as i have seen many tv's with poorer freeview quality than the hanspree sell for a lot more.

I will stick a vote in for the Hannspree 32" or the AOC 32". Both have got excellent reviews and are half the price of the sonys.

Oh and i have the 27" AOC and rate it highly
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