Arrgh alarm going off in flatmates room

    Shes gone out with her boyfriend and a hour ago her alarm clock went off and is is STILL going and I need to go to bed in 30 minutes and its gonna keep me awake grr.


    Cotton wool.


    if its an electric one turn the leccy off for a sec :-D

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    It's just gone off, dont know why, maybe its batteries and they have died.


    unless it is knocked off, our radio alarm switches off after 120 minutes

    Maybe she was celebrating you reaching 2000 posts ryouga?

    hmm - just saw this post. just a thot ... when we had a boom boom banggg noisy neighbour party till 7 am monday type of nightmare neighbour. the only thing that worked was those rubber maleable ear plugs that bikers use. i had a pair from the SFX crew on a film set - gunshots scene, was very useful! slept like a baby ...

    This thread makes me laugh as it made me remember that I once went home for a weekend while I was at uni and forgot to turn my alarm clock off. It was a particularly loud alarm clock and played the radio after the tone Cue lots of angry flatmates when I got back

    Well I just wnna say I need the loudest alarm clock at the cheapest price!!! To make sure I ANNOY MY NEIGHBOURS IN THE SAME WAY!!! And it might also come handy when I've got hangovers!!! :-D So if you know where to get it pls share it..
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