Arrgh pc case advice wanted

    Got a new mobo for quad core.

    Problem is the cable in the case that goes to the power part of motherboard is all in one i.e has loads of holes(7 I think) and where the 8th would be is filled in.

    Problem is on the mobo it has the connections for the other type, i.e instead of an all in one cable its seperated into 3 or 4 parts.

    I will try and get a pic.


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    Im talking more about the connections i.e seperated than the port lol

    Yeah that's pretty normal. You're just supposed to put the right pieces on the right pins. I.e. for the power LED you'd place the power LED connector over the power LED pins on the cluster. If it doesn't work then flip it the other way round.

    For power and reset switches it shouldnt matter what way round you put them. If you look carefully everything should be labelled.

    Also you might find that one of the plugs has a 3 pin configuration when your mobo needs 2.. Just get a stanley knife and cut then middle bit out and put the two plastic bits on the right pins.

    Its easy really.

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    What I mean is my cable cant be removed its hasnt got Power led, power sw etc like many mobos insead the cable is a single cable mold so I cant plug it into the power sw etc since I cant seperate the cable

    if it is a moulded fitting you should just be able to plug the whole moulded plug without plugging each individual wire in.
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