arrghh help with adobe acrobat please i'm totally stuck

    Please can somebody help me as I havenm't got a clue what to do. I've designed some artwork for an album cover in coreldraw. Totally by trial and error i'm a complete novice and had never used drawing/art programs before. I've saved it as a pdf. The printer has now sent me a pdf that has the layour for the cardboard wallet cd case including safe area, trim area and bleed lines. He wants me to put my artwork onto this pdf file. Turns out its not so simple as copying and pasting as I can copy no problem but paste is always greyed out and I don't have a clue what to do. Needless to say it's urgent and I need to ftp it across to them today



    get open office

    You can't edit PDF files, unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat.
    Are you using adobe reader?

    you need to convert the art file into a pdf, so either save as .pdf in the art program or if not try to save it as a jpeg.

    Get youself a free pdf printer. Design it in the graphics package and then print to pdf.

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    yes i think i'm using adobe reader but not really do I tell? Sorry I'm really not a techie person at all.

    I have saved the artwork as a pdf but it's making no difference :x

    How would I do it with open office? I do have open office but the file the printer sent me is a pdf and he's insistant it has to go back to him on his template

    Is your pdf laid out in a similar way to his that you could merge the two using the ]pdftk freeware?


    openoffice can import/export pdf files, if you need a walkthrough go youtube…9SM

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    thanks for all your help :thumbsup: i'll rep later once i've got my file all sorted and sent off
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