Arrrggggh! Dexter: Season 2, episodes 7 & 8. Help please, I need blood! (Blood donor found. Thank you!)

Found 10th Feb 2009
Every effort has been in vain! In fact, six separate efforts spoiled, if ya know whaddamean?

After watching episodes 1-6 and with episodes 8-12 (+ Season 3) staring at me, shouting "WATCH ME!", I AM a frustrated Dexter fan.

I need blood people, and I need it fast. I AM an addict.

PM me if you don't want to be seen helping a vampire ;-)
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Thanks dude, these are the only missing ones. But the links look a bit dodgy - just says 'party poker'...

edit: you can take them away now if you want - got the links opened at least
party poker is the advertisement ......... just click the button in the middle of the ad to start the video

you can only watch 72 mins of video on megavideo then it shuts you out for an hour so best to watch one then come to the other later
Excellent thanks. I will drink to my heart's content. Never thought blood could be so appealing ... yum!
That's the one where Doakes gets...nah, can't spoil it for you!

That's the one where Doakes gets...nah, can't spoil it for you!

I so want to see Doakes get slaughtered! :lol:

( I only condone artistic violent btw )

Off to watch - spoil away everybody!
the best thing about these streams is they don't trace you and your not downloading :-D

the site is the only one who can get in the shizzz for hosting it :lol:

name a tv show and a 99% chance the episodes are hidden on a video streaming site like youtube etc but under hidden names :-D

its how i watch most of my tv catchups
or just download the full season torrents and edit them to only dl eps 6 & 7
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