arrrgh!! am geting old 22 today

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Found 16th Aug 2008
getting old not fair,

lol why is it the old you get the more you dont know what you want for your birthdays

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Nah when you get old you forget when its your birthday lol

Happy birthday btw

Happy birthday - wish i was getting as old as you :gift:

happy birthday!

22 isnt old!

i used to think 22 is old, now i am 39 and i still feel young!!! so cheer up its not so bad ........

HB Logyon!!!

Definitely not 'old' - many happy returns.:-D


22!!! If that's old then maybe it's time to consider this thread then......…ot/

Your worries would be over :-D

happy birthday

I remember saying that when I hit 20 coz I wasn't a teen anymore, but oh, to b that age again - I wish. Happy Birthday hun x


Oooh. 22 eh? Yes you are getting old....... but happy birthday.

Me? I'm 21 (again)

you will be collecting your pension soon

Happy 21st (+1) Birthday!

The more you don't want for your that because you are getting richer and buying it yourself?

Happy birthday.:gift:
I gave up counting once I hit 40.:oops:


Well..........he's not been back. Guess his age caught up with him. :-(

Nice lad though. :-D

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suppose it doesnt hurt another year going on but when you thinking about it you think what a thought

happy birthday

:gift::gift: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :gift::gift:

You feel do you think I feel now, I've a daughter your age!!!!
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