ARRRGH Ebay and Paypal, disgusting treatment

Found 7th Jul 2008
Have had my account about 7 years with Ebay and no negs(Well 3 but they were mutually removed) had a PP account about 5 years, only 1 chargeback from a scammer in that time.

Have had no end of problems, last year Paypal owed me £800 from things I sold when moving and took 6 months to sort, today sold my 360 due to not playing it much and skint and my Ebay and Paypal account are both suspended saying I am suspicous and high risk.

Its not one of thost 21 day things, paypal are asking for business information, supplier info, invoices from supplier, and to get verified again.

I tried contacting them and they say im flagged as high risk!

WTF I have sold 2 hdtvs in past, got postive feedback, my wii, my ps3, 2 pcs etc in last year and somehow im high risk?!

What are they on!
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probably think you're a burglar in your spare time or something!!
Paypal are awful. I'm verified with lots of feedback etc and I had to payback £350 for a phone that i sold to someone who was apparently fraudulent. They didn't refund me etc.
U got any more cheap stuff from ur part time job? If so drop me a pm!!! LOL
They did someone like this on my mate , it took him over 6 months to get his money back.
Ive never had problems myself but i understand paypal arnt them best with customer service....and just hope i dont have any issues like this in the future.

but if they did withhold my money then i would take them court with the added intrest on top.
hey i had 100 percent feedback and ebay was begging me to become a power seller as i sold so much
then during there 5 p listing day rather than checking the barcode no i just put in sell one like this and listed an item i bought through a supplier ebay recommended they suspended my account saying the item was counterfiet even though it wasnt they never asked for the barcode
i found out the hard way that paypal only insure non ebay items to a delivery even if wots inside isnt wots ordered i faxed ten different reinstatement forms and coincidence they claimed 10 days to the day of the fax that they havent recieved it now i sell on
no listing fees and no reserve fees
I don't leave money in my PayPal account long enough for them to notice!
you just said that you sold all them things in last year, they prob investigating for tax reasons. if they think you are buying to sell, you are technically running a business and should be declaring this to the inland revenue. if this is the case id go to citizens advice or soisitor and see where u stand. lots of people have done this not realising that ebay counts as a business and as its all computerised they have lots of evidence against you. unlike if u do bootfairs.
My PP account has been frozen now about 18 months with about 200 quid from Quidco in it.

100% feedback on ebay - and had sold one thing (a mobile) in about four years (as i got the contract and used my old phone) about eight months before they killed the account.

From looking at what is happening - I guess this money saved ebay and PP from ever having to borrow from banks to fund their business.
Paypal are scum. Google checkout is the future but ebay dont allow it - anti competitive?!

Need a google version of ebay. I'd jump ship straight away.
Yes i totally agree. I too had my ebay account indefinately suspended because i was selling my iphone. They likewise told me i was too high risk ?!
BUT they waited til all my 5 listings had finished that day to suspend me before i got paid for any - thus leaving me over £70 fees for nothing??!?!?!?!!

Told them i werent going to pay it, as they have threatened me with legal sh*t if i dont and got the debt collectors on to me. Therefore, had to pay it :x

If you ask me - it is actually EBAY and PAYPAL that are the real scammers ?!?!?!

My boyfriend and brother both had the same thing.....
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