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Found 27th Nov 2008
Called T-Mobile but they insisted I tell them the last number I dialled before I can have my PAC, wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't already cleared the call log. After about 10 minutes of arguing how was I meant to check the last number dialled when the call log is empty, with her insisting that there was absolutely no way she can give me the PAC until I tell her this info, eventually she gave in and said I could provided A number dialled in the last 3 months, so I gave her 2 which have been dialled constantly, yet apparently neither of them have been. I hung up and dug out an old unlocked phone, put the sim in and called my house number - did 1471 too to make 100% sure I had written the number down correctly (it's a gold number so knew it was right anyway) called back and this person also asked for the last dialled number, which I could now give to them but low and behold it was wrong, despite me calling it 2 minutes prior to that! then the line went dead. Anyway rant over, I don't know what to do now, is there a way of doing it online?
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I emailer them and they gave me an address to write to. It took about 2 weeks to write back
Try ringing again and speaking to someone different. You are bond to get someone who is not so 'jobs worth'. Good luck!
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Will give that a try, was hoping the second time they wouldn't ask for that info but will try again, if not will drop them an email. Thanks.
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