Arsenal 2006-08 Home Shirt

    Arsenal 2006-08 home shirt cheapest price guys? :thumbsup:


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    I had one but left it in greece, lol long story

    Well I'd **** on that if I were you.

    Have a look in any local sports shop, should be fairly cheap now.

    Im also looking for 1, dont wanna get it off fleabay , 4 weeks just aint cuttin it on del time!, plus ordered 1 off there befroe and never showed!


    yimmie how on earth did you find that spurs shirt so cheap? I would get it but its too similar to last seasons.

    That's what I said too hothothot.. too similar... however i've been told the quality's nicer..... i just googled it =)

    My boyfriend is buying all 3 shirts again this year.... he spends too much on spurs and not enough on me :'(
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