Arsenal fans, get thinking.....


    Banned sing along if you like

    How about we are **** we have **** all english men?

    i dont know which one to choose:

    Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
    Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
    Danny Boy (Traditional)
    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (The Hollies)
    I Only Have Eyes For You (Various)
    Lean On Me (Bill Withers)
    Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland)
    Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
    The Impossible Dream (Andy Williams)


    The Impossible Dream (Andy Williams)

    Haha, very appropriate. Its an impossible dream that you will win anything in the next 10 years!

    we're crapppppppp... we'reee crap.....we areeeeee.....we areeeeeeeee... we're crap we're crap we are we are! Sounds about right. Come on spurs ;P

    I don't know Why Spurs think they're better than the Gooners...... any Spurs fan care to mention the last time they finished above us in the league and how many Spurs fans on here was alive the last time you actually won the league?

    Spurs have bought well over the last few seasons (along with several wastes as well) but despite all the millions you've spent more than us, you're simply still playing catch up.

    Also, to everyone that's saying we're going to do terrible now that Henry has gone, i think you should all bare in mind that last season was by his worst, which includes his time trying to adapt to the game and to a new position up front.

    He was injured for half the season and when he did play, he was carrying injuries and was demoralised and i think also caused a bit of a bad atmosphere due to his growing ego over the last year and the uncertainty surrounding his future.

    Remember that Spurs were lucky with injuries last season, whereas we had all our superstars out for most of the season including Henry, Gallas and Van Persie (along with a lot of other players) who caused problems for any defence.
    Also remember that when you lot used to have good teams but were blighted with injury concerns, that you couldn't avoid mid team mecrotity.
    Now that we're adding some good players and we have a bit of money behind us, we'll make some good signings.


    Lets see what happens this season shall we, you say we were 'lucky' with injuries but ledly was out for pretty much the whole season. You were not unlucky with injuries, every club has to deal with them and this means that you dont have enough cover for your positions.

    Spurs are clearly better than arsenal, why else would arsenal have to copy their colours?

    I'd bet good money that Spurs finish higher than Arsenal this season.

    And no bias from me................i support Liverpool.

    corr.... spurs et Liverpool are the two teams I prefer! Family teams.. i don't care about any other teams aslong as spurs and liverpool come in the top 7!
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