Arsenal's Europa League match against Cologne delayed by an hour due to crowd issues

Found 14th Sep 2017
2790101-2OkDa.jpgMy mate just called me. Apparently 20,000 Cologne fans have turned up or the game tonight with an allocation of 3,000 tickets. Riot police are there and he and his daughter (her first football match) can't get anywhere near the stadium.
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Let us know when he gets in.
davewave12 m ago

Let us know when he gets in.

I would be surprised if his daughter hasn't insisted that they leave immediately. The bit that seems a bit poor is that these German fans were parading around the West End all day today. Surely the police coulld have dealt with the issue there.

Its being reported that there's violence occurring in the stadium as ticketless German fans are pouring in to the ground after smashing down the turnstiles. Arsenal due for a meeting with the police shortly to consider cancelling the game tonight.
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Can't we blame brexit?
ANother case of foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs....

even being a football lout isn't sacred anymore.
be better when we are out.

BBCs reporting of the issues in London today was ridiculous and the tone was rather different to if it had been our fans abroad.

It was all jovial and light.... "flares and bottles thrown but no major disturbances" ????

Imagine English fans in Germany throwing bottles and flares and marching down streets stopping traffic....

BBC would go hard on them.

These 20,000 are ok though ha
Riot police?
You mean police in riot great?
jax6191 h, 42 m ago

If he's any kind of father his daughter shouldn't even of needed to insist …If he's any kind of father his daughter shouldn't even of needed to insist to leave immediately. Surely a football game isn't as important as the safety of his daughter.

You don't know my mate. He wouldn't miss an Arsenal game. His daughter is 21 and I can't believe she agreed to go. Her insistence to leave would have been based around it being too late to catch up with her boyfriend after the match rather than much else.
Crowd issues at Arsenal = Struggling to find a crowd to provide an atmosphere respectable of a top end club in the premier league

Should have let the 20000 in to be fair, would have been a buzz
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