Arsenic in your mobile phone

Found 20th Nov 2007
Well I've heard it all now - thought our brain cells were being fried not poisioned:w00t: nxtbook.com/nxt…phpnxtbook.com/nxt…php Article is on page 12-13
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oh dear, I'd better stop licking my phone from now on then.
Stop worrying about that and worry about the Radiation molecules in Ionic Fire Alarms.
old lace.......?

old lace.......?

Thought this was in a song, so went searching on azlyrics. All I found that was interesting was 'Ballard of Tom Jones'. Here's the verse about arsenic

[SIZE=2]So haven't solved our problems
You mean we hate each others guts
I still wanna poison your pizza
And I still wanna cut off your nuts
I phoned the marriage guidance
I tied the phone line round your neck
I'm sick of all this hatred
Well that will be the [COLOR=magenta]arsenic[/COLOR] making you sick
You were about to drive me over the edge of a cliff
As I tried to jump out I knocked the stereo on
You changed your mind and then slammed on the brakes
It was lucky for us we bought his greatest hits[/SIZE]

lol ]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036613/

Thanks - knew I recognised it from something! :thumbsup:
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