Art of making t shirts

    Was wanting to get into t-shirt making , and was wondering if anyone on here had experience in it.

    Is their freeware software?
    What do i need?

    Any help appriated , and perhaps repped



    Are you thinking of proper screen printing or just iron-on transfers?
    The transfers are easy to do, I have experience there but I wouldn't know much about the screen printing.

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    iron on transfers.

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    they were for myself or perhaps freinds as something to do, whats the cheapest transfer paper, and is their software

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    oh ok, how much is the paper?

    I have just started doing a few myself I bought tesco own make transfer paper for light fabric 7 sheets A4 for £4.95.I downloaded pictures from the net in my case ones from the primeval series,I found it easy to do although occasionally i have had a problem with the edges but i suppose practise makes perfect,My grandson thinks his nan is brill as he is the only one of his gang with an abby conner and rex t shirt!

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    so what do i make my designs in?

    You should have photo software on your pc which you can edit pictures with, that you download from the net

    if you print photographs off you printer its exactly the same idea only tick the mirror image box if you have writing on your picture

    i tried this one ages ago, turned out ok..but def could have been better.. my sis ended up taking the tee cos she liked it so much! ive still got all the paper etc i think.. so im going to have another go!

    I like the fact it takes two seconds, you quick to have a new t-shirt! I got my paper from those markets that set up around towns, near me theres always a computer one with different types of paper and discs. so if you have anything similar around you, its worth checking it out, for cheaper paper.

    im also wanting to try bleaching and screen printing when i get round to it, both easy enough to do also.

    You could draw your designs and scan them in then print them off or create them on photoshop or a similar program (you could even do it on paint). Or like other people have mentioned you can use photographs or images downloaded from the internet. You print them off as if you would print a normal image or document off but making sure you have it printing a mirrored image.

    Tip: When it is printed, before ironing it on, remove as much of the white/clear background as you can using scissors or a scalpel as the end result will be much more professional looking.


    Yeh its great isn't it. I did them for my little sisters birthday party. … Yeh its great isn't it. I did them for my little sisters birthday party. I bought all the kids plain t-shirts from adsa (75p each) and during the party they picked a picture from the net or clip art and i printed them off and ironed them off. They all had a new t-shirt to take home - they all said it was the best party ever!! ha ha how sweet

    What a great idea!! and his birthday is in November Thanks:thumbsup:
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