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    hi, my sister has decide to sell 4 or 5 canvas's of art work. She is a very good artist and got a* in her exams at high school and is now studying for a degree at leeds uni. she is excellent and will probably be the next big thing in art from england. How much would she get for her art work on canvas's which is very modern.


    depends on what people want to pay, also what the pics look like

    Without wishing to sound awkward it is only worth what people are willing to pay, I would recommend speaking to your local main library as I know hows has areas that artists can display (and sell) their work for this they charge a very small amount I believe!

    probably not alot, there are hundreds of up and coming artists, and the place to be is london!
    she's better to keep them, until she starts building her reputation up.

    Post some pics up!
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