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i have artex on the ceiling of my hallway. I want to get rid of it but not sure how. Is it easier to remove it(if so how?) or plaster over it?

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try looking there for advice. I think you can get special stuff from DIY shops


you can buy a product to remove artex. not sure what its called but is available in diy stores. if its not too thick you can skim over it with plaster.


Be careful if it is really old, we had Asbestos in our Artex

good luck, i had to get rid of it in my kitchen last year and it was a complete pain in the **** the method i used in the end was to use a power scraper to get rid of the highpoints then use easyfill to level it out. not easy and it takes a lot of time & patience


It's a nightmare!!!!! We have it allll over the walls on our hall, stairs & landing & we've being using a wall paper striper but it's a long, messy and tedious job! I'd be very greatful if anyone has any tips too!

Good luck bagerrules! If it's not to bumpy then I'd go for the easy option and plaster over it! :lol:

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thanks for the quick replies guys:thumbsup:

Wallpaper steamer will help but any artex removal method is messy, best bet is have it skimmed over with plaster.

you can scrap the big bits back and plaster over it but make sure you use good pva or just over board it and plaster it. its a easy job of a good plasterer

Get a plasterer to skim it over.


plasterer every time

Plasterer for the easy areas.
Pneumatic drill and Plasterer for the harder parts.

Polycell Smoothover. If youre really good you can make it smooth - if you have that textured paint stuff with what seems like sand in it it will at least look better

Definately plaster over it, its a long and messy job to remove the artex first. Just get a platerer in to do it for you.
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